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Hookah Shisha
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Fantasia E-Hookah Fantasia E-Hookah $18.99
You Save: $4.00
Iconic Dokha 50ML Iconic Dokha 50ML $29.99
You Save: $4.00
Starbuzz 250g Starbuzz 250g $23.95
You Save: $4.00
Haze 250g Haze 250g $21.99
You Save: $3.00
Al Fakher 3 Pack (250g) Al Fakher 3 Pack (250g) $41.95
You Save: $5.00
Coco Jamra Coconut Hookah Charcoal 120pc Coco Jamra Coconut Hookah Charcoal 120pc $19.99
You Save: $5.00
Mya Mikro Hookah Mya Mikro Hookah $53.99
You Save: $8.00

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Hookah Shisha

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Haze 250g Product Details
Haze 50g Product Details
Hot Ice 250g 6 left in stock Product Details
Iconic Dokha 30ML Product Details
Iconic Dokha 50ML Product Details
Junior Hookah with Carrying Bag Product Details
Nakhla 250g Product Details
Nakhla Mix 250g Product Details
Nakhla Mix 50g Product Details
Nakhla Mizo 250g Product Details
Nirvana Super Shisha - Apple Explosion Gallagher's personal favorite (we would hope)! Take the ripest most flavorful red and green apples and blow them to pieces. Pick up those pieces and make a delicious shisha tobacco and you have Apple Explosion! Product Details
Nirvana Super Shisha - Berry Blast Double barreled flavor right down you throat! The finest mixed berries packed with an explosive mint combined makes for one Fantastic Flavor! The buzz will hit you just as hard as the flavor. Product Details
Nirvana Super Shisha - Citrus O.D Mr.Nirvana, in the hookah room, with the lemon! Sounds like a game of clue but this flavor is serious enough for an episode of Law and Order! The finest citrus flavors infused with a KILLER mix of special fruits tied up with a little mint. Product Details
Nirvana Super Shisha - Cold Sweat That lucid feeling of a dokha buzz combined with a zesty orange and tart lemon topped off with blueberries and mint to make for one truly unique experience in both feeling and taste! Product Details
Nirvana Super Shisha - Head Rush With this blend you will be more than flying and enjoying the taste of your favorite energy drink! Who needs wings? Product Details
Nirvana Super Shisha - Not Now I'm Naked Once you puff on this blend of grape and melon mix tied together with a bow of mint you wont care if you are naked or not. Just be careful when you light your coals and when you go out to check the mail! Product Details
Nirvana Super Shisha - Punish-Mint You've been bad. Very, VERY bad! It's time for your pushish-mint! Being bad has never tasted so good, and mint has never been as punishingly pure and strong as with this blend. Time to take whats coming to you! Are you ready? Product Details
Nirvana Super Shisha - Red Rum Redrum REDRUMMM!!!! A blood bath of Strawberry and Cherry with the perfect amount of sweet, tangy refreshment. With just enough mint to tease your senses, this blend is to die for! Product Details
Nirvana Super Shisha - Schnozberries With out a doubt the most famous flavor out there! These arent schnozberries, but they taste just like the real thing! How did we find them? Well we get a special crop of schnozberries delivered to us a few times a year from this fellow at a candy factory Product Details
Nirvana Super Shisha - Skull Control Once you get enough of this passion fruit mojito in your skull, the buzz will take control! Light and delicious this blend hits all the right notes and leaves you begging for more. I for one, welcome our new tasty overlord! Product Details

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