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Organic Shiazo Shisha Steam Stones 100g NEW!
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Organic Shiazo Shisha Steam Stones 100g NEW!
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Organic Shiazo Shisha Steam Stones 100g NEW!

You Save: $3.00

The new "Organic" Shiazo Shisha Steam Stones are much like the original Shiazo Shisha Steam Stones but contain natural botanical ingredients that provide a soothing, minty vapor (respiratory) or a mood-enhancing hookah session (relaxation), all without any tobacco, nicotine, or artificial dyes.

The natural botanical ingredients found in the organic stones include:
"Relaxation": Aloe Vera juice, extracts of Valerian Root, Skullcap, Chamomile, Mullein Leaf, GABA, L-Theanine, Natural Vitamin, E, & Melatonin.

"Respiratory": Aloe Vera juice, extracts of Mullein Leaf, Horehound, Lavender, White Sage, Peppermint, essential oils of Lavender and Sage (or Eucalyptus and Mint) & natural Vitamin E.

Shiazo Organic Shisha Steam Stones are small (and very porous) 100% natural rocks that have been injected with glycerin and other aromatic fluids via PIM (Pressure Injection Method). When heated with hookah charcoal, the fluid inside the stones reaches boiling point temperatures and steam is produced. The resulting vapor, after being cooled by the water in the hookah base, is smooth, super thick, and intensely flavorful.

Instructions for use of Shiazo Organic Shisha Steam Stones:
1. Shake the jar for 10 seconds to cover the surface of the stones with as much fluid as possible.
2. Using a spoon, scoop enough of the stones to fill the hookah bowl to just below the rim.
3. Cover the bowl taut with hookah foil and poke many small holes in the foil with a toothpick or thumbtack.
4. Set up and use your hookah the same as you would with a normal bowl of tobacco, moving the hookah charcoal around to achieve the taste and thickness to your liking. The variegated shape of the individual rocks allows air to pass through the bowl smoothly.

Although the average size of a single Organic Shiazo Shisha Steam Stone is larger than the average sized hole at the bottom of traditional hookah bowls, for the best results it is recommended to use a hookah bowl that has a raised center, such as a Phunnel Hookah Bowl or a Vortex Hookah Bowl. These types of bowls prevent the fluid and smaller stones from falling down into your hookah stem, as well as allowing the stones to “stew” in the fluids more effectively.

Shiazo Organic Shisha Steam Stones are currently available in 4 flavors to choose from that do not contain any tobacco, nicotine, sugars, molasses, or artificial dyes. Each 100g tin will produce 3-5 hookah sessions.



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