Amira 16″ Storm Hookah

$89.99 $74.95

Here comes the storm, yes a storm of 16″ Amira Storm Hookah only at HookahCouisns. The Amira Hookahs are one of the finest and beautiful designed hookahs and comes with a click technology. If you want to indulge in the dept of a flavor then do try out these amazing crafted Amirah Hookahs.

Amira Galaxxy Hookah is available in 6 different colors: Black-Black, Blue-Blue, Red-Red, White-Black, White-Blue, & White-Red


  • Amira Tempered Glass Tray
  • Funnel Hookah Bowl
  • Matte Powder Finish 1 Hose (2 Hose Capable) Stem
  • Washable 5′ Hose
  • Hand Crafted Shattered Design & Colored Glass Vase
  • Downstem
  • Tong
  • BONUS: Amira Clay Bowl & Hose Holder