WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine.
Nicotine is an Addictive Chemical.

Mya LOUCII Hookah


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The MYA LouCii stands 18” tall, offering easy portability and a great opportunity to put your creative mind at ease. Just like any MYA, Dj LouCii has been marking his legacy with a worldwide impact. Dj LouCii works to make revolutionary changes to the EDM world, MYA makes a revolutionary changes to the traditional hookah with the premiere of the MYA XFunction technology. The MYA XFunction is an internal purge valve system designed to eliminate the need to ever use any traditional cooling technique with your hookah again. The MYA XFunction, has been incorporated into the stem of our LouCii. MYA XFunction will also clear out any gas buildup in the base while in use, effectively eliminating any stale or harsh smoke. MYA XFunction and the LouCii, the perfect pair that will completely change your mindset allowing you to experience a timeless tradition at this new age level. LouCii by MYA is not an EDM track – simply the perfect accessory for when you are enjoying his favorite tracks!

Making a double statement, the MYA LouCii speaks both for us and for the one and only Dj LouCii. Like all MYA hookahs, Dj LouCii has an option for every aesthetic and preference. Whether it’s for the club, a relaxing time in, or a big social night, there is an option for every style.


Green, Grey, Light Purple


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