WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine.
Nicotine is an Addictive Chemical.

Mya QT Hookah


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The MYA QT is a Piece of Art.  This 14 inch tall MYA QT S-Class is Packaged in a Wire Basket, making it easy to carry along with you. The portable and durable hookah is one of the top in the market of it’s kind.  Our QT Hookah is one of our most popular hookahs, providing high quality at a low price. Big things can come in small packages, and the Mya QT proves it.

The Mya QT Comes with a Think Glass Base, Chrome / Stainless Steel Stem, Tobacco Burner, Matching Leather Hose, Chrome Plate and Tongs. When it comes to classic hookahs, the Mya QT shows style and charm, best best of all – quality and durability.



Amber, Dark Blue, Grey, Light Purple, Olive Green, Sky Blue


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